Cyber Emergency Response Team



Our goal is to understand your environment more deeply, to help assess how today’s attacks can impact your organization and better defend your environment. From assessing your ability to withstand an attack to working in sync with your response team, TEAMARES stands ready to help you improve your security posture.

Cybercriminals Keep Us on Our Toes


Technologies & exposure containment

Cyber-technology experts conduct proactive research to detect and mitigate threats, generate alerts and warnings of new threats and initiate studies of future threats.

Reactive Response

Incident response experts in light of indications, or need, providing assistance with incident handling, as well as conducting technical researches to identify and analyze harmful activities.

Operational Collaboration

Our team will identify, classify, prioritize, assist in remediation, and mitigate software vulnerabilities.

Onsite Training

We offer on-site training to your internal penetration testing team and intrusion detection and incident response team.

Adversarial Simulation

Our X teams conduct tests that evade detection and employ every legal and in-scope method available to access and assess your enterprise and network while mimicking the threat actors that target your industry.

Penetration Testing

We analyze your security posture and determine how exposed your systems, services and data are to malicious actors from external, internal, and web applications.

Vulnerability Management

Our team will identify, classify, prioritize, assist in remediation, and mitigate software vulnerabilities.

TEAMARES [] Purple Team

WeeXperts Cyber Security

Is comprised of team professionals with more than a decade of experience conducting offensive and defensive security investigation and research for a wide array of industries.

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    check Tactical Threat Response

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    check Responding to cyber incidents

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    check Elite Security Researchers

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    check Aimed specifically at exploring innovative ways of coping with new cyber threats.