Automated Application Security

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It’s no secret that application security has always been challenging.

With the shift to the cloud and DevOps deploying updates with increasing speed it has become impossible to secure your web applications with a legacy Web Application Firewall that depends on manual rule configurations and long learning times.

CloudGuard’s Automated Application Security gives you:

  • Precise prevention – that’s why 90% of our customers run AppSec in prevention mode!
  • Zero policy administration – did we mention that none of our customers have more than 10 exception rules?
  • Automated deployment on any environment – that’s learning to active prevention in HOURS not weeks!

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    Any Cloud, Anywhere

    Support for the broadest range of cloud infrastructures, including: AWSMicrosoft Azure and Azure Stack, Google Cloud Platform, VMware Cloud on AWS and more.

    Automated & Agile

    Auto-provisioning and auto-scaling along with automatic policy updates ensures security protections keep pace with all changes to your cloud.

    Unified Management

    Single unified console delivers consistent visibility, policy management, logging, reporting and control across all cloud environments and networks.

    To learn more about how CloudGuard can help your secure cloud migration, read the case study and watch the video below.